What to Expect in This Class:
While enrolled in Bright Start Academy’s preschool program, your child will be excited about learning with fun activities that promote the development of the whole child. Our days are structured and consistent to provide the best possible preschool experience. Each child will develop strong communication skills, such as speaking, listening, and early reading and writing skills. Your inquisitive preschooler will explore and investigate while gaining early math and science skills. Our program is developed to enhance social skills, such as problem solving, manners, following directions, and respect for others.

Keeping You Informed:
Bright Start Academy recognizes the importance of partnering with families to optimize your child’s learning and development. Our Preschool teachers will share ongoing progress and feedback with you and your family. Our early childhood educators use a variety of formal and informal ongoing assessments to track the academic progress of your child. In addition, parent-teacher conferences are offered twice per year to further discuss your child’s development.

Daily Schedule:
While at Bright Start Academy, your child will participate in and enjoy many developmentally appropriate activities. Our structured days consist of circle time, free choice play, outdoor exploration, individual, small and whole group learning times, which benefits every type of learner. We focus on sensory exploration, mastering social skills and manners, developing more complex gross and fine motor skills, and working with materials to develop creativity. Child-directed and teacher-led activities will focus on math, science, literacy, creative expression, music and movement, and much more!

Nurturing Educators:
Our qualified and caring teaching staff provides exciting activities and educational experiences to help your child develop skills they will use throughout their educational journey. The teaching staff instills a love for learning in each child through lesson planning designed to celebrate successes, and foster self-esteem.

Clean, Safe, and Stimulating Environment:
At Bright Start Academy, we provide a safe, clean environment in which your preschooler can thrive as he or she explores the world around them. The setting, layout, and equipment of the classroom give preschoolers many opportunities to challenge themselves through sensory experiences. Our classrooms are divided into learning stations, each that provide educational materials in the areas of: science, art, manipulatives and math, blocks, language and literacy, dramatic play, gross and fine motor, music and movement, writing and more. Our preschoolers have a playground with developmentally appropriate outdoor equipment designed for this age group.